X-COM -Triparty Collateral

X-COM -Triparty Collateral

X-COM, the Triparty Collateral Management service from Monte Titoli.

Simple, easy and fast.

X-COM is the triparty Collateral Management Service able to significantly ease the funding and investment strategies of your Treasury.

Monte Titoli acting as triparty agent can manage all the administrative functions of collateral, leaving the back office of the banks to concentrate on their core activities.

Key Benefits

For cash providers, X-COM allows to recover profitability within the treasury management compared to deposit facility in central bank.

To cash receivers,  X-COM gives the opportunity to move into the market a significant part of their securities portfolio (Corporate Bonds, BTP Italia, ABS) which could be otherwise used in central bank only. Providing a market alternative, these securities become more liquid with immediate benefits on the Basel3 liquidity indicators and in terms of capital absorption.

Who can benefit

X-COM is targeted to treasuries, repo desks, brokers/dealers, CCPs, Central Banks, and buy side (asset managers and insurance companies). Thanks to a functional architecture integrated and fully automatized, the client benefits from a complete control of its portfolio of collaterals, whilst utilizing a flexible set of tools for an optimal management of its risk profile.