Our Clients can take advantage of T2S, the platform managed by the ECB, and all its functionalities, with harmonized settlement procedures in all participating countries.

T2S guarantees real-time DvP settlement in Central Bank currency through the use of an "integrated model": both cash liquidity and securities are managed through a single IT platform, therefore the National Central Banks define specific cash accounts (DCA - Dedicated Cash Account) in which users can exchange liquidity with the T2 payment system (for EUR currency).

Clients can access T2S directly (DCP mode) or indirectly (ICP mode).

The settlement service offers all the functionalities of the T2S platform to both DCP and the ICP, in particular:

  •     Liquidity management and securities accounts
  •     Management of the life cycle of transactions, from validation to settlement
  •     Matching and related features, such as the Hold / Release mechanism
  •     Auto-collateralisation, both 'on stocks' and 'on flows'
  •     Information services