Asset Servicing

Asset Servicing

Monte Titoli, in addition to settlement activities, can offer a wide range of services that guarantee intermediaries the complete, correct and efficient functioning of the administration of financial instruments, both Italian and foreign, centralized at Monte Titoli, belonging to the following categories:

  •     government bonds
  •     corporate bonds (including asset backed securities)
  •     shares
  •     warrants / covered warrants
  •     mutual funds (closed-end funds, real estate funds and ETFs)

Monte Titoli has a direct relationship with the issuing companies of financial instruments under Italian law, and, thanks to the connections without intermediaries with the main foreign custody systems for foreign instruments, Monte Titoli is able to receive all corporate actions information directly from the official source (the issuer CSD) and forward it promptly, with the same level of detail, to its Clients.

Monte Titoli can manage any type of corporate actions in compliance with International standards:

  •     dividend payments (equities), income (funds) and interests (bonds and ABS)
  •     voluntary corporate actions (e.g. capital increases, warrant exercises)
  •     mandatory corporate actions (e.g. mergers, demergers, free share assignments, free capital increases)

For transactions involving the management of payments (payment of dividends, proceeds, interest and payable capital transactions), the issuer elects a paying agent to whom the related instructions for the payment of payments will be sent automatically; when payments are released by the Issuer CSD of another country, Monte Titoli receives the funds and credit them to its Clients with the same value date whether it is Euro or other currency.

The corporate actions management service offers to our Clients the following advantages:

  •     receiving information on corporate actions, including those necessary for voting in meetings;
  •     automatic collection of fees accrued on centralized financial instruments both in Euro and other currencies;
  •     complete information on payments, both forecasting and settlement of proceeds;
  •     participation to voluntary and mandatory corporate actions in Euro and other currencies
  •     FIS & CPA service for reporting shareholder names
  •     RCC service for the recognition of fees from intermediaries to issuers