T2S Gateway

T2S Gateway

Monte Titoli reached the record amount of 230 Billions of foreign securities AUC

Accessing T2S through Monte Titoli allows customers to maximize operational efficiency by connecting the main European markets with a single account, a single client service and a single technological infrastructure.
Clients can also benefit settlement in central bank money in a context that guarantees risk minimization.

We are strongly committed to expand our international presence and we are working towards a single collateral management system covering the entire Eurosystem.

Monte Titoli is driving ahead in implementing the new industry standards to enable pan-European interoperability in corporate actions and facilitating interaction of its participants with the ECMS platform by ensuring access to a wider range of Eurozone financial markets.

Our constant results and experienced staff allow us to expand our service offering, while ensuring competitive pricing.

We currently guarantee access without intermediaries to the following T2S markets:

For markets covered by tax services within T2S Gateway, the following table shows schematically the various available procedures, details can be found in the tax guide of each country.

Our Sales team is avaliable to describe in detail our products and services offering.

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