Confirmations Portal for the Sell Side

Confirmations Portal for the Sell Side

UnaVista’s Confirmations Portal facilitates the communication, affirmation and T+0 matching of post-trade details between buy-side firms and broker dealers across all asset classes.

UnaVista eliminates the need for faxes and multiple systems. It allows all parties to electronically confirm, and centrally or locally match an OTC trade with bilateral netting capabilities. You can manage the confirmation process in one place from start to finish – regardless of what technology your counterparties use, satisfying all your regulatory requirements.

And because UnaVista can take data in any format, you are insulated from future market, technical and regulatory changes.

Understand how UnaVista Confirmations Portal works and the overall benefits

Take a look at the Confirmation Portal home page to understand benefits that all counterparties receive. Below you can learn how the Confirmation Portal helps the sell-side specifically.

How UnaVista helps the sell-side

  • Save money on internal infrastructure costs
  • Communicate with brokers and the buy-side in all market formats
  • Option to do central or local matching
  • Inclusive cost, so there are no surprises
  • Automate your manual and low automation clients including in emerging markets
  • Facilitate client demands with SWIFT GETC
  • Faster onboarding for clients
  • Insulate yourself from technical and regulatory changes