UnaVista announce new features on latest platform release

Last week saw the release of UnaVista Platform 11.7 comprising of 25 enhancements. Improved usability is expected from this rebuild of the system; one of the highlights of this new functionality is the manual entry enhancements enabling dynamic visibility of fields as well as quicker form creation.

The new release also enables:

  • Better data assessment; view custom formatted details of data to avoid irrelevant information with the option to export.
  • Improved data organisation; customisable drag and drop of records to support reordering of data.
  • Accurate data selection; ability to filter between dates allows for a more targetted data search.
  • Quicker manual entry; visibility of fields can now be controlled by selected values. Forms can be created and reopened immediately and checkboxes are now supported for quicker item selection.

For more information on how the UnaVista platform works, please visit our solution pages.