Swaps Portal Release Version 2.4

Swaps Portal Release Version 2.4

UnaVista's Swaps Portal automates the swap and the give-up process between the buy side, the executing broker and the prime broker by providing a central, automated, communication channel. The Swaps Portal reduces the complexity, costs and risks of communicating and matching equity swap post-trade data.

Today UnaVista released version 2.4 of the Swaps Portal.  This new release offers a variety of upgrades including: 

    • Executing Broker Quick Login - Executing brokers who are not subscribed to the UnaVista service can be provided with a restricted login that allows them to enter give-ups manually for matching with Prime Broker orders.

    • Contact list of active counterparties on the system - A new folder, Available Counterparties, has been added to the System Reference folder that shows all available counterparties on the UnaVista system.

    •  Improved MIS - A new monthly view report with drill down information per clients and additional matching statistics by month has been added.  

    • Hedge Fund List ordered by relevant parties - When executing brokers are manually entering give-ups, the drop-down list of Hedge Funds is ordered by volume for that executing broker making it easier and quicker to find their clients.

For more information about the Swaps Portal please visit our solution pages.