SEDOL Masterfile upgrade

SEDOL Masterfile upgrade

On Monday 18th March 2013 we are upgrading SEDOL Masterfile (SMF)  to be on the latest version of our UnaVista platform. This means current users will benefit from a host of improvements to their service

What does this upgrade mean for SEDOL Masterfile users?

The upgrade to the newest version of UnaVista will retain all the key elements you enjoy today and, depending on your license type, it will offer you additional benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiency – faster processing speeds and a more intuitive user interface create a faster environment to work in.
  • Additional functionality – summary dashboards, dynamic filtering and customised views to enable you to view and manipulate the data in any way you want.
  • Accessibility to data -  introduction of a new bulk extract tool allowing multiple SEDOLs, as well as the associated data fields, to be extracted through the user interface.
  • New data content – in preparation for the introduction of the global Legal Entity Identification system, the upgrade is the first phase to prepare the SEDOL Masterfile for integration of LEI data.

Find out more about SEDOL Masterfile here.

Where can I learn more before the launch date?

We will be holding a number of WebEx training sessions before the launch date to allow you to become familiar with the new interface and features. One of these sessions will be specifically for those that request the allocation of SEDOL codes both individually and in bulk.

Training dates:

To view the available training dates please click here.

Further questions?

If you have any other questions please contact