Future Proof Post Trade Technology - SIBOS Talk

Guy Eden, UnaVista Head of Product Management, presented on open theatre at this year's SIBOS in Toronto, on the subject of Future Proof Post-Trade Technology.

Matching and integration in a complex post-trade environment

In a fast-moving post-trade environment, financial institutions are often hard-pushed to ensure that their technology can keep up with changing requirements. Changing regulation, increasing volumes across multiple asset classes, and a desire to reduce risk all lead to new requirements for communicating and matching data. In particular, connecting internal systems to external ones, whether post-trade counter-parties, CCPs, settlement locations, or other services becomes ever more complex and unpredictable.

This presentation will look at what's driving the changes, and suggest more flexible approaches to communciation and matching. If you attended SIBOS you will be able to see a video of the presentation on the MySibos website in the open theatre section.