EMIR timely confirmations new UnaVista feature

EMIR timely confirmations new UnaVista feature

In view of the increasing regulatory requirements for institutions to ensure accurate and timely confirmations of their trading activity, several new features have been added to the UnaVista Swaps system.

The new functions provide users with enhanced matching statistics and the ability to view the underlying trades behind these statistics. This information is invaluable to users wishing to monitor transaction matching and hence provide timely confirmation reports.

Absolute Trade Numbers vs. Percentage of Total Trades

Previously, statistics were quoted as a percentage of the total trades in the group. However, users can now toggle between absolute trade numbers or percentages as required, providing a different perspective on the data.

View Underlying Trades

For reporting purposes, it is useful to view the trades represented by the statistic – for example you can view the trades that were matched on T+1 or those that were matched manually.

Export your data

You can also export the data to an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file to help you with your reporting

View more about the new features here