CC&G operates as cardinal multi asset clearing house within the London Stock Exchange Group.

Our services are structured to cover a broad range of trading venues and asset classes:

  • shares, warrants and convertible bonds listed on MTA market,
  • ETFs and ETCs listed on ETFPlus,
  • stock, index futures and options listed on IDEM Equity as well as energy futures listed on IDEX,
  • futures on durum wheat listed on AGREX,
  • closed-end funds,
  • investment companies and real estate investment companies listed on MIV,
  • Italian Government bonds listed on MTS, EuroMTS, ICAP BrokerTec,
  • Italian Government bonds and corporate bonds listed on MOT, EuroTLX and Hi-MTF.

Our Risk Management solutions are based on our deep knowledge of Business, pursuing the constant alignment with Regulatory Frameworks and with most innovative Risk Management techniques.