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Operational Manuals and Forms



Technical Manual as of 27th November 2017 (file pdf - 1.734KB)

ICWS Manual version 3.5 in force from September 19th (file pdf - 1.568KB)

BCS Manual (link - 3.072KB)

Activities related to the expiry day of options on shares with phisical delivery (file pdf - 181KB)

Procedures for deposit, valorisation and withdrawal guarantees (file pdf - 380KB)

Netting rules ICSDs (file pdf - 524KB)

MT541, MT543 Examples (file pdf - 14KB)


BCS API conformance tests' checklist is also available at Borsa Italiana's website.

The technical information related to the connectivity and interfaces of BCS are detailed on Borsa Italiana web site, more in detail the BCS client and BCS-API manuals, the BCS software versions and BCS-API libraries.


Reports and data files are available on the BCS system, ICWS system and on the FTP server. Being this system featured by specific record layout (above detailed) and by the reports and data files list, CC&G will admit only the clearing data services and public data service (in TXT and XML format) for the STP.

Data Service in force from 27th November 2017 (file pdf - 1.132KB)

Public Data Service in force from 10th April 2017 (file pdf - 534KB)