Membership to MIC

Membership to MIC

Membership and Member Portal

In order to manage the membership procedures, CC&G has created and dedicated to the intermediaries a Portal called "Member Portal".
The Portal is a communication device aimed at simplifying the procedures and making more direct and efficient the communication flow between CC&G and the intermediaries, allowing to manage online the information flow as:

  • requests for admission or exclusion to and from the MIC guarantee system;
  • communication of the information concerning the requirements for the continued eligibility as member to the system;
  • requests for installation, activation and/or disinstallation of the clearing access infrastructure.

The Portal allows the intermediaries to monitor the data sent and update them in a constant and immediate way, making therefore easier the communication duties as set forth in CC&G Rules and Instructions.

Member Portal Web Site

For further information please contact CC&G Membership Department at:

Tel: +39 02 72426501