About Us

CC&G is the LSEG Italian-based provider of risk management, open access clearing and CCP services to 18 markets, including Borsa Italiana’s markets, NEX Group’s BrokerTec and Hi-MTF.

CC&G covers a broad range of trading venues and asset classes (please refer to the below): shares, warrants and convertible bonds traded on MTA; ETFs and ETCs traded on EFTPlus; stock, index futures and options, energy futures and futures on durum wheat traded on IDEM (Segments IDEM, IDEX and AGREX); closed-end funds; investment companies and real estate investment companies traded on MIV; Government bonds traded on MTS cash EBM and Nex BrokerTec, Repo traded on MTS Repo, e-MID and Nex BrokerTec; Government bonds and corporate bonds traded on MOT (Segment Domestic MOT, Euro MOT and Extra MOT), EuroTLX and Hi-MTF; Triparty Repo traded on MTS Repo and e-MID Repo.