US Securities on Turquoise - How it works

US Securities on Turquoise - How it works

US Securities on Turquoise - How it works

US Securities are available on the Turquoise Lit Order Book™ (TRQX) where Market, Limit, Iceberg and Hidden order types are supported. 

Turquoise offers over 200 US securities, cleared via LCH Limited EquityClear, with fungible settlement into Depository Trust Company, DTC. Visit Reference Data and Products page for a list of US securities.

Trading fees of US securities on Turquoise are waived. Full details are available in the Turquoise Tariff Schedule.

On Turquoise, an investor can trade a US stock like Apple from 6 ½ hours ahead of the US market open. We are providing a true innovation to investors and brokers to trade on a central limit order book, interacting with some of the most active liquidity providers, and to settle these trades in DTC via LCH, fully fungible with US securities in the US markets

Dr Robert Barnes, Group Head of Securities Trading & CEO Turquoise Global Holdings, LSEG

Key benefits of trading US securities on Turquoise

  • Access live European market-maker prices for US securities, pre-US market open, on a central limit order book.
  • Trade the same US securities on Turquoise and other US markets and manage their position in one location thanks to the fungible settlement solution via LCH Limited EquityClear into DTC.
  • Manage US, UK and European securities trading through one LSEG connection.
  • Save costs as trading fees of US securities are waived.
  • Experience easy admission of additional US securities settled at DTC.
  • Available during UK trading times making it convenient for global investors in Asian and US time zones.

Trades take place between 8am and 4:30pm UK time.