What benefits does Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ bring?

What benefits does Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ bring?

  • Price formation capabilities for illiquid positions

Exchanges and venues lack price formation capabilities for illiquid positions. The algorithmic bookbuilding process improves price formation.

  • Technology for trading multiple days’ ADV

Technology innovation is set to make this overlooked corner of the equity market more efficient, awarding the buyside greater control.

  • Access to relevant liquidity; no conflicts of interest

Automated bookbuilding technology as part of Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ puts relevant buyers and sellers in touch, overcoming the danger of price leakage associated with manual trades.

  • Better liquidity in listed equities

Existing equity market trading services have limits in terms of trade sizes. As the next evolution in electronification, Appital Turquoise BookBuilder™ is intended to complement them by facilitating larger trade sizes.