Borsa Italiana: Become a Service Provider

Borsa Italiana: Become a Service Provider

Service provider

Borsa Italiana members may access the markets through an accredited Service Provider.

Using a Service Provider allows for sharing connectivity among several members, reducing therefore connectivity costs towards the Exchange.

Members using a Service Provider may use third party software or proprietary softwares following the same testing process of a member using a dedicated network.

How to become a Service provider


  • Access to the Service Provider Service is open to all companies which satisfy the requirements specified in the Rules and in the Service Description


Connectivity is available either through the BiT Network a fully-managed private network used by the Borsa Italiana to provide access to its trading and information systems.

Get started

Become a Service Provider in only three steps:

  1. Apply by submitting your Request for Service with the  supporting Questionnaire
  2. Prepare your connection and perform the relevant tests
  3. Go Live - upon approval of your application, you are allowed to offer the Service to Borsa Italiana trading members