The Role of a Registrar

The Role of a Registrar

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If you’re interested in understanding ‘The Role of the Registrar’ you will likely be broadly familiar with the IPO process and have an understanding of the many important pieces and considerations in preparing your company for an IPO.

But the role of the Registrar is absolutely fundamental to this process. Consider the analogy of building a house – it’s one thing to construct the framework, but a house isn’t functional without the necessary electric wiring and plumbing in place.

Having someone on your team to make sure that it will all not just look good on paper but also work physically is paramount. This is the role of the Registrar.

The Registrar is the ultimate record keeper of shares and shareholders and key administrator both during and after the IPO – so the nature of the relationship with the registrar is a long-term one. It is thus advisable to initiate contact with your Registrar early in the process depending on the structure of the IPO.

To give you an example: In manner in which shares will be settled and a share register maintained will differ on whether you are a UK, Offshore or International incorporated business.

London is home of over 2300 businesses from countries all over the world so we are very familiar with international companies. However, different jurisdictions require different solutions and a registrar can help you understand what your options are and give you early clarity so that there are no surprises later in the process.

There are also a whole host of additional support services a registrar can provide you with – popular areas include: support your company secretary, corporate action administration, employee share plan administration etc.

For a better overview of what of the range of support available to you have a look at the graphic below. In any case a good registrar ultimately serves you to eliminate complexity in the IPO process and ease the administrative burden for you.

Role of the registrar