Managing the Company

Managing the Company

Learn more about the Main Market and why leading companies choose to list on the London Stock Exchange.

For companies looking to join the Main Market and begin the flotation process, corporate communications can be an important and valuable tool. An ongoing PR programme is fundamental to establishing and maintaining a company’s profile and is a key component to ensuring a successful flotation.

Reputation is intrinsically valuable and can set companies apart from their competitors. That might mean the difference between a high and modest valuation, or – in tougher times – between a successful market debut and a failed issue.

Checklist for a successful IPO

  • define key overall objectives – maximise advantages and minimise risks
  • preparation is paramount – build value in advance to attract the investors you want
  • set long-term expectations – a successful IPO is the starting point, not the finishing line
  • be ready to communicate in a clear, effective and transparent manner.

And don’t forget…

  • work towards the good times, but prepare for the worst – you must have a crisis communications plan.

Identifying your audience

Getting the story right

This is crucial as it will run through the entire IPO process, linking up the work you do with potential investors, press, analysts and your own employees. The ‘story’ will need to answer these questions, and potentially others:

  • What aspects make your company stand out?
  • Why is your company the best recipient of investors’ money?
  • Why are you right to come to a public market?
  • How will you use the money you raise?
  • How you will ensure long-term success?

You will need to be able to answer all these questions and deliver your messages in a short, succinct and memorable way.

Taking communications seriously from the beginning of the IPO process, right through to your life as a listed company, will add value to your business and pay dividends. Done correctly, it will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of the raised profile that a listing on the Main Market can bring.