Investment Funds in London

London Stock Exchange has over 450 listed investment funds accounting for a market capitalisation of around $220 billion. Closed-end investment funds listed on London Stock Exchange raised £2.9 billion through IPO proceeds in 2018 – more than any other exchange in the world. In addition, our further issue market has enabled fund managers to upscale their funds efficiently, with more than £22 billion raised through further issues over the last five years.

Key highlights:

  • Over £6 billion was raised by investment funds on London Stock Exchange in 2018
  • Over 40% of investment fund IPOs from 2017 came back to raise further capital during 2018
  • New asset classes such as music royalties, energy efficiency and energy storage were welcomed to London’s funds market in 2018

We continue to see increasing diversity in funds and new innovative asset classes listing in London, whilst also celebrating our long history in this sector. In 2018 we celebrated 150 years of funds in London with the anniversary of F&C Investment Trust, the world’s oldest collective investment vehicle.

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