Sovereign, Supranational and Agency Bonds

Sovereign, Supranational and Agency Bonds

London Stock Exchange’s Offering for Sovereign, Supranational and Agency (SSA) Issuers

Listing on London Stock Exchange provides access to the deepest pool of international capital in the world. London Stock Exchange’s heritage and status reinforces SSA’s ambitions regarding future financing and economic development strategy. A London listing also serves as an anchor to enhanced economic and financial cooperation between foreign governments and global investor community.

Strengths of London’s offering

London is uniquely positioned to drive development of international capital markets for Sovereign and Supranational entities:

  • London Stock Exchange Group is committed to supporting SSAs and would serve as a platform to further raise the profile of the issuer on a global scale.
  • London accounts for 70 per cent of the secondary market turnover in international bonds.*
  • London is a Global Hub for innovative products – Green Bonds, Retail Bonds, Dim Sum Bonds, Masala Bonds, Islamic Finance and Infrastructure financing through Sukuk.
  • LSEG has welcomed more than 500 International Government bonds listed from 34 different countries and denominated in 17 different currencies, including Sovereign, Regional and Local Governments on its markets, which have raised more than $2.7 trillion equivalent.

London Stock Exchange’s strong track record of landmark sovereign and supranational bond issuances demonstrates that London is the global centre of choice for international sovereign and supranational bond listings.

*Source: TheCityUK estimates (2011), World Federation of Exchanges (2011)

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