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This section provides investors with information about bond offers available on ORB's primary market. The primary market is where the bonds are sold for the first time. In the primary market, bonds are issued by the company directly to investors through the authorised distributors.

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New Retail Bonds


Retail bonds under "When Issued Dealing" trading

LendInvest Secured Income PLC (the "Issuer"), a wholly owned subsidiary of LendInvest Limited ("LendInvest") launched £40,000,000 in sterling denominated retail bonds on 29 March 2018. The bonds will be issued on 6 April 2018.



Issuer Market Date Listed Issue Size
LendInvest Secured Income PLC ORB TBC £40m
Burford Capital Finance LLC ORB 12-Feb-18 $180m
LendInvest Secured Income PLC ORB 10-Aug-17 £50m
Retail Charity Bonds PLC ORB 06-Jul-17 £25m
Burford Capital PLC ORB 01-Jun-17 £175m
Retail Charity Bonds PLC ORB 30-Mar-17 £50m
Places for People PLC ORB 15-Dec-16 £65m
Burford Capital PLC ORB 26-Apr-16 £100m
Retail Charity Bonds PLC ORB 12-Apr-16 £20m
Alpha Plus Holdings PLC ORB 31-Mar-16 £80m