In the press

In the press

“Destination LSE
for listing bonds”

Financial Chronicle

Watch the extraordinary reception PM Modi received from a 60,000 strong crowd at Wembley Stadium.

“All bonds lead to London [,,,] The bourse there has become the preferred location for the Indian entities, government and private, to raise new forms of debt finance.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invocation of James Bond at Wembley seems to have given swagger to the Indian bond issuers planning to tap London’s market.”

“The development of a masala bond market would be positive for Indian firms, opening potentially significant sources of funding.”

Fitch Ratings

“George Osborne: Masala Bonds are recipe for India projects.”

Evening Standard

“Rupee-denominated bonds help to reduce borrowing costs by at least 150-200 basis points compared with domestic fund-raising avenues because the exchange rate risk is shifted to the buyers.”

The Economic Times