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Request for Quote

To support the varied trading needs of our customers, London Stock Exchange is introducing RFQ functionality for ETFs and ETPs. See this short film for a quick overview of how the functionality works.

Introducing new functionality

The launch of new Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality for Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) will offer on-exchange benefits and cleared execution for larger size trades, allowing greater flexibility and protection for both institutional customers and responding market makers. The RFQ platform will run alongside and compliment the existing order book structure providing a mechanism whereby traders can privately negotiate and carryout large trades with market makers outside of the normal order book.

Key features

  • All trading participants connected to the order book will be able to access the RFQ platform
  • Registered market makers will be able to respond to quotes
  • RFQ sessions will be private between the requestor and market maker
  • Requestor will be able to choose if they are to remain anonymous or named
  • To maintain order book liquidity, a minimum trade size will be set at 4x EMS and move to 1m Euro MIFID2 LIS size post MiFID II ensuring the trading facility is compliant with MIFID2 LIS
  • The service will offer automated trade reporting and clearing