Market Makers

There are over 20 registered market makers providing continuous pricing and a high quality pool of liquidity on London Stock Exchange order-book. Some of these firms are listed below:

Bluefin Trading
Market Makers

Bluefin Trading are specialists in market making ETFs and ETCs across a wide asset classes and issuers. Bluefin has long been established as an on screen official market maker in many stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange, but also offers competitive pricing for OTC counterparties. Our areas of expertise in the ETF space include Commodities, Emerging Markets and Fixed Income products. Our counterparties include banks, private banks, brokerage houses, institutional investors, wealth management and pension funds.

Tel: 0207-469-2500



BNP Paribas
Market Makers

BNP Paribas Global Markets, part of BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking, provides cross-asset investment, hedging, financing, research and market intelligence to corporate and institutional clients, as well as private and retail banking networks. 

BNP Paribas Global Markets ETF offering covers voice pricing, across asset classes, for ETF investors and market-making on exchanges, with liquidity provision across asset classes, on complete issuer ranges or selected exposures.

Our ETF client services include product selection, efficient execution and electronic quoting with a ‘one stop ETF shop’ covering ETFs around the globe 24 hours a day.

We also provide Investors with a weekly European ETF monitor, covering a recap of major markets and analyses on ETF trends. This includes investment ideas based on BNP Paribas research.

For more information please contact the ETF teams.

ETF Trading desk + 44 (0)207 595 1844

Market Makers

Commerzbank is Germany’s second largest bank with over 11 million clients worldwide and one of the leading market makers for ETFs in Europe. Commerzbank has a long standing experience in market making of Exchange Traded Funds,

covers a wide range of ETFs for all the major providers and is active on all major exchanges in Europe, including the London Stock Exchange.

We are constantly working on expanding our product coverage. Currently we provide liquidity for iShares, db x-trackers, Lyxor, UBS, Amundi, BNP, SPDR, DEKA, Invesco, ComStage, Vanguard, Van Eck, Ossiam, Fidelity, JPMorgan and HSBC ETF.

For further information please contact:

Frankfurt Dealing Desk +49 (0)69 136 22088
London Dealing Desk +44 207 475 1759

Deutsche Bank
Market Makers

Deutsche Bank is a leading Global liquidity provider in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our highly skilled and experienced trading desks in Europe, Asia and US provide liquidity to clients on all major global ETFs. Our unique position as swap counterparty to ETFs issued by DB Asset and Wealth Management and Source, in addition to our Authorized Participant (AP) status with all major fund issuers, enables us to provide efficient and low cost liquidity to clients. Our award-winning ETF research and comprehensive client coverage team(s) work seamlessly with clients and the trading team(s) to advise and execute ETFs for clients.

For more information, please contact the ETF trading team at

Market Makers

DRW is a technology-driven, diversified principal trading firm. We trade our own capital at our own risk, across a broad range of asset classes, instruments and strategies, in financial markets around the world. Our team of 10 ETF specialized trading professionals span across the European Union including the UK, Asia and the United States. We are active on an array of exchanges trading a variety of products such as shares, ADRs and futures. Our traders have extensive market knowledge, are on-screen registered market makers, and offer highly competitive prices on an OTC basis.  

Tel: +44 207 031 1369

Flow Traders
Market Makers

Flow Traders is a leading liquidity provider of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) on global exchanges. We provide liquidity in ETPs listed across the globe, and in all asset classes.

With a team of over 325 professionals, of which more than 100 traders, Flow Traders provides continuous liquidity concentrating on ETFs, ETNs and ETCs on all major exchanges worldwide. Flow Traders’ flagship entity in Amsterdam has been voted by industry participants as ETF Market Maker Europe 2015 by the Global ETF Awards for the 9th consecutive year and received the best trading house award for ETF’s by ETF RISK every year in the period 2012-2015. Our office in Asia was also recognized for its role and was selected as ETF Market Maker Asia Pacific four times in the last 5 years. Recently the Hong Kong Stock Exchange awarded Flow Traders Asia as well for its market making activities in the USDCNH futures.

Flow Traders has a team of 14 institutional trading professionals, providing institutional counterparties in Europe, Asia and the US and with competitive off exchange ETP pricing on a request for quote basis.

For further information you can reach us on:

Phone: +31 207 996 777

Goldenberg Hehmeyer LLP
Market Makers

Goldenberg Hehmeyer LLP was founded in December 2005. The company specialises in electronic arbitraging across exchanges, asset classes and algorithmic trading. Since August, 2011, Goldenberg Hehmeyer LLP has been making markets in over 70 Exchange Traded Funds on the London Stock Exchange. The firm leverages off of its traders’ extensive ETF market making experience and industry know-how. We have been providing competitive two-way prices on all of the major European exchanges as well as off order book, with the emphasis on emerging market and fixed income underlying.

Market Makers

IMC is a proprietary trading firm and leading market maker. Founded in Amsterdam in 1989, IMC was among the first to value the importance of technology and innovation and since setting the pace for the evolution of trading. 

Being a top-three global market maker in ETF’s and options, IMC is active on 100+ exchanges and platforms. Our unique approach towards pricing, state of the art technology and continuous drive for efficiency positions us to offer very competitive quotes. 

We operate globally from offices in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific with over 500 employees, providing liquidity wherever trading occurs, offering the tightest bid-offer spreads and managing risk at every level while doing so.

- Top 3 market maker globally
- Broad coverage of ETFs, options, futures and equities 
- Unique inventory with natural equity positions
- Competitive pricing on and off exchange

- Authorized Participant with all major ETF issuers

Registered market maker in all products we trade committed to provide a service to the market.

Phone: +31 20 79 88 485

Jane Street
Market Makers

Founded in 2000, Jane Street is a highly experienced global ETF liquidity provider that offers reliable and consistent coverage on nearly all of the world’s major exchanges.

100+ dedicated ETF Traders
Competitive and dependable coverage across all ETF asset classes

In-depth understanding of ETF products and markets
Experienced dealing in primary market as an Authorized Participant (AP) in most European ETFs
Provides OTC markets to institutional counterparties
Trades over $6.5 Billion of ETFs globally per day

For more information, please contact us at:  
+44 (0) 20 3787 3333

Morgan Stanley
Market Makers

Morgan Stanley has earned a worldwide reputation for the excellence of its advice and execution in financial markets. With more than 1,300 offices in 43 countries, the firm is truly global - and a market leader in the U.S., Europe and Asia as well as in emerging markets. Morgan Stanley's success rests on the talents and passion of our people, who share a common set of values and bring excellence and integrity to everything they do. We seek to grow long-term relationships by virtue of our consistently rigorous thinking and the unsurpassed access to financial markets that Morgan Stanley can bring. This means providing leadership in specific areas such as investment banking, debt and equity underwriting, research, and sales and trading. We also focus increasingly on creating custom-tailored solutions that cut across functions to help our clients realize new opportunities and solve complex problems. Our aim is to be the first choice of everyone who deals in financial markets, whether as prospective clients, employees or investors.

Market Makers

Optiver is one of the leading liquidity providers in Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific. Founded in 1986, our 700 colleagues are located across 4 continents and represent some 35 nationalities. We trade a wide variety of Delta 1 products, from equity futures and ETFs to ADRs and cash bonds.

Optiver has a team of specialized market makers that trade various ETF segments worldwide, covering:
• Blue chips - European / US / Japanese / World
• Sectors – Stoxx Europe 600
• MSCI indices

In Europe we have the biggest on-exchange market share for the products we’re trading. This is achieved by providing the narrowest possible spreads in combination with the highest possible volumes in both the Voice and Screen markets. In general, it is safe to say that we will only trade a product once we know we’ll be able to quote the tightest spread. In the Voice market we serve a wide range of professional counterparties and we would be happy to provide you with more information via our ETF desk:

Phone: 00312 0708 7820

SIG Susquehanna
Market Makers

SIG Susquehanna (“SIG”) is a world leading liquidity provider covering every major listed asset class with approximately 2,000 employees globally, 500 of whom are based in our European HQ in Dublin.

In Europe, SIG is a leading ETF market maker, with offices in Dublin and London. SIG offers competitive prices in approximately 6,000 European ETF listings and 1,800 US ETF listings, including equity, fixed income and commodity based instruments.  In addition to a large team of market makers, SIG also has a dedicated team of sales traders in both Dublin and London, providing prices and valuable market colour to our pan –European, institutional client-base.  SIG trades with professional clients in a variety of ways, including via fully automated pricing to all major RFQ platforms.

SIG has played an integral part in the success of ETFs for over 15 years and has become an essential counterparty to those active in the ever-growing ETF space.

For more information please contact the ETF sales desk on 00353 1802 8018, or at

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
Market Makers

At the core of Societe Generale’s universal banking business model, the Corporate & Investment Bank is a well-diversified and leading player with nearly 10,000 professionals present in 34 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Standing by its clients across sectors, the Corporate & Investment Bank tailors solutions for them by capitalising on its worldwide expertise in investment banking, global finance, and global markets.

· For corporates, financial institutions and public sector: providing a global advisory approach (M&A, debt, equity transaction, capital structure, and asset & liability management), as well as quality capital raising solutions across the debt and equity spectrum, optimised financing and expert risk management responses notably in the realm of foreign exchange and rates derivatives.

· For investors: offering reliable and sound investment opportunities and risk management solutions through its integrated global markets platform delivering seamless access to markets (equity, rates, credit, currencies, commodities and derivatives), as well as advice and solid financial engineering, quality of execution and forward-looking research across asset classes.

Market Makers

UBS draws on its 150-year heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. Its business strategy is centered on its pre-eminent global wealth management businesses and its leading universal bank in Switzerland. Together with a client-focused Investment Bank and a strong, well-diversified Global Asset Management business, UBS will expand its premier wealth management franchise and drive further growth across the Group.

UBS is present in all major financial centers worldwide. It has offices in more than 50 countries, with about 35% of its employees working in the Americas, 36% in Switzerland, 17% in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 12% in Asia Pacific. UBS employs about 60,000 people around the world.

For additional information, please visit

Virtu Financial
Market Makers

As a leading financial firm, we leverage technology to deliver liquidity to the global markets and transparent trading solutions to our clients. Our liquidity experts, relationship managers, and operations specialists are dedicated to helping you find solutions—no matter how or what you want to trade.

Virtu is committed to transparency. We believe transparency enables market participants to make better and more informed decisions, making markets more efficient.  Our focus on transparency extends to our customizable liquidity offerings and trade cost analytics that walk clients through the before and after of a trade and provide annotated insight into their orders throughout its lifecycle. 

As a global market maker, our access to vast and varied order flow, innovative, cross-asset valuation models, and capital make our experienced trading desks an ideal partner.

  • We actively make markets in over 25,000 securities in 36 countries across a broad range of asset classes including ETPs, equities, foreign exchange, commodities, options and fixed income.
  • We participate in over 20% of global ETP volume. We are Authorized Participants in ETPs and our strengths include Blue chip indices (European, US), Commodities (Energy, Softs, Grains, Livestock), Currencies, and Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium)
  • Our technology allows us to provide two-sided quotes in over 235 market centers around the world.

Virtu's corporate headquarters is located in New York with additional trading locations and development groups in Austin, Chicago, Dublin, London, and Singapore.

For further information please visit or contact +353 1 246 6933 or

Winterflood Securities
Market Makers

Winterflood Securities is an international capital markets firm committed to efficient and responsive liquidity provision with integrity. Classic trading values and sophisticated modern technology combine to deliver a range of highly-flexible execution services custom-designed for each client.

As one of the leading European liquidity providers, Winterflood makes markets in more UK stocks than any other firm (source: London Stock Exchange). Its team of traders bring a wealth of experience and commitment to market making, offering brokers, asset managers and institutional investors over 13,000 tradable instruments including UK, European and North American equities together with investment trusts, ETPs, Gilts and bonds.
Winterflood also provides low latency integrated electronic trading platforms that allow:

  • Immediate access to Winterflood’s internal liquidity in all sectors
  • FIX order routing directly to Exchange order books and MTFs
  • Dedicated sales trading services for managed orders