ETF Issuers

Amundi ETF

With more than 100 ETFs1 and $9.9 billion in assets under management at 29 April 2011, Amundi ETF covers the main asset classes (equities, fixed income, money markets, and commodities) and geographical exposures (Europe, US, emerging markets, and world). As one of the pioneers in the ETF market with its first products launched in 2001, Amundi ETF is characterized by its quality products, continuous innovation, and its low cost policy. Amundi ETF is an expertise of the Amundi Group. Amundi ETF has been awarded “Best Europe Equity ETF Manager 2010” and “Best Fixed Income – Cash (Money Market) ETF Manager 2011” as voted by the readers of ETF Express.

db x-trackers

db x-trackers ETFs are an efficient index tracking solution from Deutsche Bank. With over 100 products listed on the London Stock Exchange, db x-trackers ETFs is one of the leading providers of ETFs in the UK offering access to both domestic and international markets. The product range includes the only products in the UK to offer access to short or inverse indices, money markets, European sectors (long and short), regional Shariah indices and to frontier emerging markets such as Vietnam.

ETF Securities (UK) Limited

ETF Securities (UK) Limited is a provider of Exchange Traded Commodities and Currencies (ETCs) and 3rd generation Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The management of ETF Securities pioneered the development of ETCs, with the world's first listing of an ETC, Gold Bullion Securities in Australia and London in 2003 and then the world's first entire ETC platform which was listed on the London Stock Exchange in September 2006.

The Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) above provide investors with a wide variety of investment strategies, with ETPs offering resource equities, physical, long, forward, leveraged and short exposure to all commodity sectors and Emerging Market and G10 Currencies.

ETPs are simple to access as they are traded in five currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, AUD and JPY) and listed across nine major exchanges globally including the London Stock Exchange Group (London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana), the New York Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, NYSE-Euronext Paris, NYSE-Euronext Amsterdam, Deutsche Börse, Irish Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange.


FinEx ETF is a new entrant focusing on exchange traded funds and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FinEx Group, an investment management company that offers both passive and actively-managed investment products. The FinEx Group has assets under management of more than USD1bn (as at 31 December 2012). FinEx ETF has a specialist focus on both investments and investors in emerging markets.

FinEx ETF constitute exchange traded funds issued by an Irish domiciled company, FinEx Funds PLC established under Irish law (the “Fund”). FinEx Funds PLC (the “Company”) is an open-ended investment company with variable capital having segregated liability between their funds organised under the laws of Ireland as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities pursuant to the European Communities ("Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities") Regulations 2011 (S.I. No. 352 of 2011) and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.

FinEx Capital Management LLP, the promoter and investment manager of FinEx ETF’s products, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (550784). Its registered office is at 4, Hill Street, London, W1J 5NE, England.

First Trust Global Portfolios Ltd

First Trust Global Portfolios Ltd was established in December 2011 as a UK based distributor, advisor and affiliate of First Trust Advisors L.P. and First Trust Portfolios L.P. First Trust Global Portfolios Ltd distributes and markets a range of ETFs and funds established within an affiliated Irish domiciled UCITS Company, First Trust Global Funds plc.

The First Trust AlphaDEX® exchange-traded funds are designed to track the performance of a group of custom "enhanced" indexes. The indices are based on traditional indices (eg. S&P 500) but which have been enhanced by employing the proprietary, rules-based AlphaDEX® fundamental stock selection methodology. The AlphaDEX® methodology is an investment process that seeks to produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indexes while seeking outperformance due to stock selection and weighting. The AlphaDEX® ETFs consists of a diverse range of sector, style, multi cap, and international funds.

HSBC Group

HSBC Group has over US$730bn of assets under management worldwide, and is one of the world's leading financial institutions. HSBC Global Asset Management has long-standing experience of managing funds tracking a diverse range of indices.

When it comes to market making, HSBC's Global Markets business, one of the largest of its kind, offers 24-hour coverage and knowledge of local markets and products, including ETFs.

Supporting our ETFs are the award-winning institutional fund services capabilities of HSBC Securities Services. They have US$3.6 trillion of assets under custody globally, one of the world's largest sub-custody networks and over US$3 trillion of funds under administration globally.

ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Company Limited

ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Company Limited is the joint venture between the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Credit Suisse. The firm is one of the largest asset managers in the Mainland China, and the investment specialist dedicated to providing China and RMB asset management solutions within the ICBC Group. Since establishment in 2005, the firm has upheld the philosophy of "Value Creation through Prudent Investing". As of the end of March 2016, the firm has approximately 570 employees and RMB960 billion assets under management, providing first-class investment management and advisory services for over 13 million institutional and retail clients.

Invesco PowerShares

PowerShares was founded in the US in 2003 on a vision of delivering investment performance through the benefit-rich Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) structure. In January 2006, PowerShares expanded its vision by becoming part of Invesco Ltd, whose global presence took the Invesco PowerShares story beyond the US.

When the first ever ETF was launched in 1993, its purpose was simple — to track the S&P 500 Index while trading on a major exchange. Since then, many traditional ETFs have been designed to mirror a number of different benchmark indices. Not all ETFs, however, seek to simply track a measure of a market.

Invesco PowerShares offers a selection of ETFs that track “next generation” indices: indices that go beyond merely tracking a particular market. These indices attempt to outperform the performance of a particular market through intelligent security selection and weighting.

Invesco PowerShares is part of Invesco Ltd., a leading independent global investment management company dedicated to helping people worldwide build their financial security.

Important Information

This corporate description is for Professional Clients only and is not for consumer use.

The price of ETFs and any income will fluctuate, this may partly be the result of exchange rate fluctuations, and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

Issued and distributed in the UK, on behalf of Invesco PowerShares, by Invesco Asset Management Limited. Registered Address: Perpetual Park, Perpetual Park Drive, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1HH, UK. Registered in England No 949417. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


iShares is the world’s No. 1 provider of exchange traded funds (ETFs). With the broadest range of cash-based ETFs, you have access to a variety of asset classes and markets based upon the world’s leading indices. iShares commitment to transparency ensures that you know exactly what you own; this combined with greater liquidity, deeper markets and tighter spreads means that iShares ETFs can be easily bought and sold on the London Stock Exchange.

Lyxor ETF

Lyxor ETF offers one of the most diversified and liquid range of ETFs on 9 exchange places in Europe and Asia. Lyxor manages the largest ETF in Europe: the Lyxor ETF DJ Euro Stoxx 50, with over €5.9 billion in Asset under Management.

Lyxor ETFs are index-tracking funds that can be bought or sold like ordinary shares on the stock exchange. They track the performance of a given index and combine the simplicity and liquidity of shares with the diversification benefits of a traditional collective investment scheme. They provide indisputable advantages to institutional investors: liquidity, transparency, and efficient cost structure (no entry or exit fees when traded in the secondary market, very low management fees - 44 bps in average in Europe and same dealing/settlement costs as domestic shares). They allow institutional users to implement a variety of strategies, from the monitoring of strategic and tactical asset allocations to cash equitisation and risk management.


Ossiam is an affiliate of Natixis Global Asset Management, one of the 15 largest asset managers in the world with €530.54 billion in assets under management, as of 31 March 2011.

As the first ETF asset manager in Europe focused on specialty ETF, Ossiam’s team of industry-leading experts is dedicated to developing liquid, transparent and cost-effective investment solutions for investors. Headquartered in Paris, France, Ossiam intends to offer access to multiple financial asset classes via complementary and diverse investment strategies, easy to integrate into global portfolio allocation. The asset management company’s philosophy is to offer systematic quantitative investment strategies (excluding any discretionary approaches) that will be implemented via transparent rule-based indexes and an easy to trade investment vehicle such as ETFs. Ossiam’s professionals have worked in the ETF, asset management and investment banking industries, providing the firm with a broad area of expertise which includes investment management, ETF structuring, quantitative research and financial analysis. Their first specialty ETFs based on two innovative investment strategies offer an alternative to traditional equity market cap-weighted indices. As part of a global organization, Ossiam’s ETF solutions are available through Natixis Global Associates, the worldwide distribution arm of Natixis Global Asset Management.


Source is an asset management group and one of Europe’s leading Exchange Traded Product (ETP) providers, with over US$16 billion in assets under management. Since launch in April 2009, Source has focused on delivering incremental value to European ETP investors through a combination of enhanced indices, strong partnerships, improved structuring and active trading. Its range of just under 80 products gives investors the ability to gain exposure to equities, commodities, fixed income and alternative assets, through ETF and ETC structures with deep liquidity, increased transparency and reduced counterparty risk.

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State Street Global Advisors

Offered by State Street Global Advisors, SPDR® ETFs provide professional investors with the flexibility to select investments that are precisely aligned to their investment strategy. Recognised as the industry pioneer, State Street Global Advisors created the first ETF in 1993 (SPDR S&P® 500) and manages more than $262B of ETF assets worldwide as of 30 June 2011.

State Street Global Advisors is a global leader in asset management. The firm is relied on by sophisticated investors worldwide for its disciplined investment process, powerful global investment platform and access to every major asset class, capitalisation range and style. SSgA is the asset management business of State Street, one of the world’s leading providers of financial services to institutional investors.

UBS Exchange Traded Funds

Index-tracking investment solutions have been a core competence of UBS Asset Management for over 30 years. As a leading fund house in Europe, UBS launched its first ETF in Europe in 2001 and is currently both one of Europe´s foremost providers as well as a dominant force in currency hedged ETFs in the region. The range comprises more than 200 ETFs and offers investors a transparent and flexible opportunity to diversify their investments across key markets and all asset classes, including equities, bonds, real estate, commodities and alternative investments. UBS ETFs are listed on the following stock exchanges around the world – SIX Swiss Exchange, Borsa Italiana, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse XETRA, Euronext Amsterdam, Australian Securities Exchange ASX, KRX Korea Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Van Eck Global and Market Vectors ETFs

Van Eck Global Investments Ltd., a subsidiary of U.S. investment manager Van Eck Global, manages and distributes the Market Vectors UCITS ETFs. Van Eck Global has been offering Market Vectors Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) since 2006 when the firm launched the first gold-mining ETF in the US, Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX). In 2015, Van Eck Global launched its first UCITS ETFs in Europe. Today the firm offers more than 60 ETFs that span several asset classes, including equity, fixed income, and currency markets. Many of the Market Vectors ETFs are based on pure-play indices whose constituents must derive at least 50 percent of their revenues from the target region or sector. Van Eck Global is one of the top ten ETF providers in the U.S.

The Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group, Inc. launched the world’s first retail mutual index fund in the US in 1976 and now manages over $2 trillion (as at 31 March 2012) globally. The Group’s experienced and expert index investing teams aim to provide a straightforward, transparent portfolios, tight benchmark tracking and impeccable execution in all market cycles.


WisdomTree launched its first ETFs in the United States in June of 2006 and in Europe in October of 2014. A smart beta innovator, WisdomTree pioneered the concepts of fundamentally weighted indexes and active ETFs—and is currently an industry leader in both categories. WisdomTree strategies span asset classes and countries around the world.

In Europe, WisdomTree offers UCITS ETFs as well as ETPs, under the Boost brand. The UCITS ETFs focus on Dividend Growth, Equity Income, Small Cap, Currency Hedged strategies and Enhanced Broad Commodities while the Boost ETPs include short & leverage ETCs and other ETNs across asset classes.

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