IOB Newsletter - May 2015

IOB Newsletter - May 2015

IOB Highlights:

  • Analysis on securities in the IOB Liquidity Provision Scheme (LPS)
  • New Egyptian and Romanian DRs on IOB
  • Further information available on Turkish Derivatives

Cash Equity Market

Average order book daily turnover on the IOB in March was $632m.

In the 4 securities that are currently in the IOB Liquidity Provision scheme (LPS), spreads have neraly halved, and size at touch has increased since the  Scheme began in February. 


Note: Avg. TWS figures are a close approximation            








Note: Avg. Volume at BBO figures are a close approximation. Exchange rates at the last business day

of the month are considered. Exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank are used.




More details on the Liquidity Provision Scheme can be found here >

On 29th April, London Stock Exchange welcomed Fondul Proprietatea to its Specialist Fund Market by means of GDRs. Fondul Proprietatea has a portfolio of Romanian equity securities with assets of over €2.9bn and has been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange since January 2011. Fondul Proprietatea GDR’s listing is currently supported by 2 registered market makers, Jefferies International Limited and Winterflood Securities Limited.

Edita Food Industries began trading on 2nd April in London and Cairo, the first ever simultaneous dual-listing between London Stock Exchange and The Egyptian Exchange, and the first primary market offer by an Egyptian issuer since 2012. Its ADT on the order book in April was over $4.6m. There are currently 10 Egyptian companies on the IOB. The most liquid name in the past 12 months was Commercial International Bank (Egypt) with $1.7mn ADT on book.  

Derivatives Market

Following the announcement of the partnership between London Stock Exchange Group and Borsa Istanbul in January, and our client working group in March, London Stock Exchange Derivatives Markets have finalised the contract specification and market making proposal of the BSIT30 index futures and options to be launched in London. For more information, please contact