Global Equity Segment (GES)

  • Global Equity Segment (GES)

    Trading global equities on the world's most international exchange

What is the Global Equity Segment?

The Global Equity Segment (GES) is the latest innovation from London Stock Exchange. With GES, investors are able to trade some US blue chips and US-listed Asian ADRs during London hours.

What are the benefits of using the Global Equity Segment?

– Trade global equities on the world’s most international exchange

– Trade during a convenient time zone

– Trade and settle in USD

– No stamp duty

How does it work?

Utilising a well-established CREST Depository Interest (CDI) workflow means investors can trade and settle international securities in London quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

Buy in London, Sell in New York

The ability to move CDIs quickly and easily between markets allows for cross-border execution and settlement within a T+2 settlement cycle. Investors can buy securities in London and sell in New York on the same day during regular trading hours. Both trades would then settle T+2 in respective markets.

Service Announcements

New Global Equity Segment (GES) going live on 15 October 2019 with trading fees waived for 2019

New Global Equity Segment now available on CDS