TRADEcho launches MIFID II Smart Report Router

TRADEcho launches MIFID II Smart Report Router

MIFID II Smart Report Router

Responding to the MiFID II requirement of publishing trades to the market, TRADEcho has launched the Smart Report Router (SRR).

The SRR’s configuration will allow customers to:

  • Determine if and when the buy/sell-side counterparty should publish the trade
  • Route the trades to an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) of choice for publication
  • Reduce the cost of connecting directly to multiple APAs.
  • Provide ‘Assisted Reporting’ by which a firm can facilitate reporting on behalf of its counterparty/clients

Testing of the SRR is now available to clients in the CDS (Customer Development Service) environment of London Stock Exchange. Additional functionality will be added to the service through 2017 in response to client demands and regulatory guidance helping clients fully satisfy their MiFID II post-trade transparency requirements.

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