Why more North American companies are choosing AIM

Why more North American companies are choosing AIM

AIM, London Stock Exchange Group’s growth market was launched over 22 years ago.

Since then, AIM has evolved and matured to become the world’s leading market for small and mid size companies, supporting companies from around the globe including companies from North America. Last year, 21 North American companies listed in London.

In North America, AIM enables smaller companies, typically valued between $30-$500m, to thrive on an international public market.

It offers these companies the opportunity to efficiently raise long term capital from international institutional investors.

Below are 5 quick facts on how AIM continues to evolve:

  1. AIM companies are larger. In 2005, the average market capitalization of an AIM-quoted company was $21m. It is now $150m.
  2. AIM companies raise more money. In 2005, the average money raised at IPO by AIM-quoted companies was $6m. It is now $59m.
  3. The market is more diverse. AIM is now truly a cross sectoral market, with a significant number of companies from the technology sector, health care, and consumer services. It remains a strong market for natural resources, but there are now more technology companies on AIM than there are oil and gas companies. Recent companies joining AIM from North America have included fin tech company Boku, medical device company Polarean, and Film Finances from LA.
  4. AIM companies perform strongly. Between 2015 and 2017, small cap companies on AIM (sub $250m market capitalization at IPO) rose by an average of 44%, vs an increase of only 18% for those listed in the US during the same period.
  5. Over $180bn has now been raised on AIM. Much of this is driven by AIM’s diversified international investor base and focus on institutional investment which supports long term, repeat capital raising. Last year, more sub $250m market capitalization companies joined AIM, than joined NYSE and NASDAQ combined.

For more information about what AIM can offer North American companies, please contact Sarah Baker, Head of North America Strategic Engagement (sebaker@lseg.com) or Chris Mayo, Head of Primary Markets Americas (cmayo@lseg.com).

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