Turkey Mining Finance Investment Summit opens the Market

  • London Stock Exchange Market Open

Wednesday 25th September 2013

A delegation from The Turkey Mining Finance Investment Summit joined London Stock Exchange Group Chairman Dr Chris Gibson-Smith to open trading on the London markets today. The Summit, which takes place in London on 26 and 27 September, aims to connect Turkish mining companies and international investors.

Recent years have seen increasing interest in investing in the Turkish mining sector, driven by large reserves of iron, copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, nickel, manganese, boron, industrial raw materials, coal, thorium and rare earth elements.
The Turkey Mining Finance Investment Summit also aims to create a platform in London to bring together companies in the mining, finance, energy, technology, logistics, and environmental sectors in order to facilitate new investment across a wide geographic area. In turn it is hoped this will drive effective and efficient use of mineral resources and will address production and marketing issues in the sector.
Over two days industry players will take part in company presentations, round table meetings and networking events, creating opportunities for new and closer ties within the mining community.
Turkey Mining Finance Investment Summit is jointly organised by the Turkish Miners Association and EBY International Summit.