Sunday Times Business Celebrates 50th Anniversary

London Stock Exchange today welcomes the Sunday Times Business to mark its 50th anniversary by opening the market. Business Editor Dominic O’Connell commenced trading this morning alongside his editorial team. The important milestone is also being recognised with a commemorative issue this Sunday, which looks at how different industries in London and the UK have evolved since 1964.

Fifty years ago The Sunday Times published the first standalone business section in the UK. Since then, the newspaper has become synonymous with the business landscape in the UK, breaking big stories and offering in depth analysis on the issues of the day.

Xavier Rolet, CEO of London Stock Exchange Group commented: "The Sunday Times’ Business section is a ‘must read’ for UK CEOs and the City. The important role that the media plays in challenging business leaders, investors and City institutions, is as significant as any regulator or watchdog. The newspaper provides an essential public service and it is one that we hope you will continue to perform with such success for the next fifty years.

"There is another aspect to Sunday Times’ work, not as immediately obvious as the scoops and scandals, but I believe just as important. It is vital that the press continue to promote financial education, not just deciphering financial terminology but helping private investors to understand the importance of investments and why business really matters. British SMEs have a fantastic story to tell, providing the real engine of growth for the UK economy. The Sunday Times has always stood out as a paper willing to give these often unsung companies the voice and space they need to champion themselves."