London Stock Exchange welcomes ZyFin Funds and Sun Global Investments

The London Stock Exchange today welcomes ZyFin Holdings as it lists the world’s first Indian fixed income ETF on the Main Market.

ZyFin Funds is a unique asset management platform which makes investing in Indian markets very simple. Behind the simplicity is the strength of its research platform - a comprehensive macro analytics unit which measures the pulse of India by assessing and tracking the economy on almost real time basis.

Together with its partner Sun Global Investments, ZyFin is today listing the LAM Sun Global ZyFin India Sovereign Enterprise Bond UCITS ETF, the world’s first Indian fixed income ETF and Europe’s first physically replicating ETF to track Indian securities. The investment policy of the Fund is to closely track the performance of the ZyFin India Sovereign Owned Enterprise Bond Index.

The LAM Sun Global ZyFin India Sovereign Enterprise Bond UCITS ETF offers exposure to a basket of AAA rated Indian public sector corporate bonds. Indian Sovereign Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are 51% or more owned by the government. This is the first time that these difficult to access but well researched Indian SOEs have been made available to global investors via a foreign stock exchange.

The Fund has been admitted to the Main Market on 19 November trading under the tickers CRRY (GBP) and CURY (USD)

Sanjay Sachdev, Executive Chairman of ZyFin, said: “We are delighted to see the listing of the LAM Sun Global ZyFin Sovereign Owned Enterprise Bond ETF on the London Stock Exchange offering foreign investors the opportunity to access high quality India corporations. With the government looking to stimulate outside investment and with strong underlying fundamentals, this is a very exciting time to be investing in India. We look forward to a long relationship with the London Stock Exchange as we bring a suite of innovative investment products to the market.”

Sun Global Investments is the distribution and trading partner in U.K.