London Stock Exchange welcomes XTX Markets

For XTX Markets Limited, joining LSE as a non-clearing member firm is a natural progression in the company’s expansion across the world’s exchanges and highlights the continued growth of the business across asset classes and products.
Andonis Sakatis, Head of Business Development at XTX Markets, commented: “We are delighted to become a non-clearing member of the LSE. We look forward to continuing to be a robust liquidity provider to all market participants on the exchange.‘
XTX Markets is a leading quantitative electronic market-maker partnering with counterparties, exchanges and e-trading venues globally to provide liquidity in the Equity, FX, Fixed Income and Commodity markets. XTX Markets aims to provides consistent liquidity, helping market participants throughout the world obtain the best possible prices in the various assets classes XTX Markets covers, regardless of changing market conditions.
The XTX Markets business model is about being smart and precise, not necessarily the fastest. It is XTX’s team, quantitative research, coding and risk management that gives XTX the edge which is realised through a quant-driven, cross-asset approach and use of machine-learning tools. 
In 2016, XTX has been recognised as the:
'Specialist Liquidity Provider of  the Year' by Financial News
'Best Non-Bank Market Maker (Derivatives)’ by GlobalCapital
‘3rd largest eFX Spot Liquidity Provider Globally’ by Euromoney