London Stock Exchange Welcomes Stock Exchange Veterans Association celebrating 60 years

This morning the London Stock Exchange welcomed the Stock Exchange Veterans Association to open the Market. The 'Vets' celebrate their 60th Anniversary this month, so it was felt this would be an appropriate way of helping them celebrate! Beginning life as a football team in 1958, over the years, the 'Vets' became one of the best patronised organisations in the City with a cricket, golf and darts section. With the closure of the Stock Exchange floor it became more difficult to continue the football team and the last fixture was played in 1995. However, the Vets Golf Society is still well supported and the Stock Exchange Vets annual dinner is one of the highlights of the Stock Exchange calendar.

Chairman of the Vets, Nick Bealer, said today; 
"the Dinner is my favourite event of the year as it gives me the opportunity to see hundreds of Market professionals for a catch up and also meet new friends that I would usually only get to speak to on the phone. It always reminds me of the atmosphere of the old Dealing Floor of the Exchange. I am always impressed that there are still many that support the Vets, who put their hand up in the Auction or buy 'another' pin badge so that we can give to those in need. There are still many in the City who wish to 'put something back' into the system".

With a vision to 'promote fraternity and general good fellowship' among its members, and to 'assist, in every manner possible, persons in distress, either directly or through other institutions' the Association has, for about twenty years, had a Charity Dinner with hundreds of Brokers, Market Makers and the Exchange itself in attendance. £40,000 was raised in June, through Auction Items given freely by the trading community and generous giving from attendees of the Dinner after a lot of hard work from the Vets Committee. Other fundraising, and sporting events are arranged so that, not only can the Association continue to support around 100 causes, mentioned on their website, but also continue some face-to-face interaction after the closing of the Dealing Floor in 1986 when 'Big Bang' revolutionised the financial landscape.