London Stock Exchange welcomes Schillings

London Stock Exchange welcomes Schillings

Today’s market opening by Schillings coincides with the launch of their latest Reputation Resilience report, entitled; how the people who value companies value reputation. Launched at London Stock Exchange, the report features in-depth interviews with the City’s most influential money men and women and sets out, for the first time, how the management of reputation is factored into the way companies are valued.

Schillings is a reputation and privacy consultancy that assists clients wherever they are in the world; whatever their reputation and privacy issues. From identifying threats, to defending reputation and protecting privacy, Schillings safeguard client reputations – whatever the threat.

Chris Scott, Partner at Schillings, comments: "We believe that the most effective reputation strategies begin with understanding what impacts your stakeholders today.

"Courtesy of our second Reputation Resilience report, we’ve taken this further by turning our attention to those whose job it is to make a direct analysis of the impact of reputation on the value of a business; the investment community.

"With the investment community telling us that the way a company protects its reputation will have a direct bearing on how they price the business and treat its stock, the report gives unique insight into where opportunities to enhance value for shareholders and other stakeholders lie."