London Stock Exchange welcomes IFC's Green Masala Bond

London Stock Exchange welcomes IFC's Green Masala Bond

London Stock Exchange today welcomed IFC to mark the listing of IFC’s five year green Masala bond. The bond, issued on August 3, is the first green bond issued in the offshore rupee markets. It raised 3.15 billion rupees for private sector investments that address climate change in India.

The IFC green Masala bond is issued under IFC’s $3 billion offshore rupee Masala bond program. Under the program, IFC has issued bonds worth over 103 billion rupees in a range of tenors, including a ten-year, 10 billion rupee-denominated bond that is the first Masala bond listed on the London Stock Exchange. IFC has also issued onshore Maharaja bonds under a $2.5 billion program for issuances in India’s domestic capital markets.

IFC will invest the proceeds of the bond in a green bond issued by Yes Bank, one of India’s largest commercial banks. Yes Bank will invest the proceeds of its bond in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, mainly in the solar and wind sectors.

“Addressing climate change is a priority for IFC in India. IFC’s green Masala bond demonstrates the powerful role of capital markets in mobilizing savings for climate finance—and a listing in London allows us to attract the widest possible range of international investors. Adding the rupee as a new green bond currency also supports our goals to strengthen this important asset class.”   IFC is one of the world’s largest financiers of climate-smart projects for developing countries, investing about $11 billion in long-term financing over the last decade for renewable power, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, green buildings and private sector adaptation to climate change.

IFC also is one of the earliest issuers of green bonds, launching a green bond program in 2010 to help catalyze the market and unlock investment for private sector projects that support renewable energy and energy efficiency. As of June 2015, IFC had issued $3.8 billion in green bonds, including two benchmark $1 billion issuances that were, at the time, the largest such issuances in the markets; and a 500 million renminbi-denominated green bond that was the first such issuance listed on the London Stock Exchange.