London Stock Exchange welcomes the Homeless Veterans Appeal

London Stock Exchange welcomes the Homeless Veterans Appeal

A significant number of men and women in the Armed Forces leave the services and find that they simply cannot cope on their own.

For their annual charity campaign, the Evening Standard and Independent titles this Christmas launched the Homeless Veterans Appeal, raising money to provide support to those at rock bottom, and assistance to those trying to get back on their feet.

Those who need help are not just veterans of recent wars but anyone who has seen service and who is now experiencing hardship. Many end up homeless and the campaign is exploring particularly the causes of homelessness, and our relationship with the military as a nation.

Money raised by the campaign will support two charities, with which Evening Standard and Independent have partnered:  ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, an umbrella, grant-giving organisation; and Veterans Aid, a smaller charity which provides direct assistance to veterans, including those who have found themselves on the streets or at risk of becoming homeless.

Through the generosity of readers and the success of three charitable auctions, the Homeless Veterans Appeal has already raised a considerable sum. But while it is important to recognise this achievement, there is a great deal more to do. The Appeal embodies what should be an ongoing commitment to help those who once served us but now need us to aid them.