London Stock Exchange welcomes The Eton College and Holyport College Investment Club

London Stock Exchange welcomes The Eton College and Holyport College Investment Club

The Eton College and Holyport College Investment Club (the "Club") provides a unique opportunity for students at Eton and Holyport who are interested in finance to engage in a real money trading environment that is ideal for learning, co-operation and enjoyment yet pursued in a low risk, charitable and responsible way.

The real trading environment has been made possible through the establishment of a special Fund which is owned by Eton and managed independently, through an execution-only trading account, by the Club's Advisory Board and by Sixth Form students at Eton and (eventually) Holyport who have been selected as members of the Club.

‎The Club not only provides a real-world experience in finance and investing, providing unprecedented educational value; but also a philanthropic opportunity for Eton to work with its partner school, Holyport.  Holyport students will not only eventually form part of the Senior Club, helping manage the portfolio when they have a Sixth Form in 2017, but in the meantime are learning through a Junior Investment Club. The Holyport Junior Investment Club was established in early 2015 by the Eton Investment Club in order to teach these younger students on a weekly basis about personal finance, the importance of saving, and the financial markets.  Moreover, 50% of the Fund’s annual profits along with 2% of the Fund's total value will be donated to Holyport at the end of each academic year. The other 50% of profits will remain in the Fund allowing it to grow.

Opening the London Stock Exchange is an unprecedented opportunity to acknowledge and legitimise the Eton College and Holyport College Investment Club which, to our knowledge, is the only real money secondary school level Investment Club in the UK and possibly beyond.

Trenton Bricken, Chairman and Founder of the Club, said:

“I believe that there is a deficiency in financial literacy in today’s society.  The now proven structure of the Investment Club allows us to educate students from diverse backgrounds about finance in an exciting and real environment, something that will open new doors and help these students regardless of their careers in later life. Not only is this achieved in a responsible and sustainable way but also is philanthropic in that all profits are donated to Holyport. There is no reason why the model behind the Eton and Holyport Investment Club cannot become open sourced and extended to any other secondary school in the UK or beyond.  Having the chance to open the LSE legitimises and publicises the Investment Club, which we hope will in some small way educate and excite as many fellow students as possible.”

A warm thanks must be extended to all of those who have supported the Investment Club throughout its existence and without whom our incredible achievements thus far would never have been possible.  First, a special thanks to the current members of the Advisory Board: Simon Dudley and Stuart Leigh-Davies. Second, to the advisors to the Club: Martin Shenfield, William Foley, and John Glencross. Third, to all those who have so generously donated to the Investment Club, enabling the initial balance of the Fund to already surpass £15,000. Fourth, to the numerous impressive speakers who have so generously donated their time to speak at Eton or Holyport about finace and the financial markets. And last but certainly not least, to the outstanding Eton and Holyport faculty including: Tony Little, Eton’s former Headmaster; Janet Walker, Eton’s Bursar; Serena Hedley-Dent, Eton’s Legal Advisor; Paul Bird, Eton’s Master in Charge of the Club; Walter Boyle, Headmaster of Holyport; and Maria Dawson, Holyport’s Master in Charge of the Club.