'Creative Tension?' authors welcomed to London Stock Exchange

'Creative Tension? 25 years on'

‘Creative Tension? 25 years on’ is an incisive new collection of essays on the theme of corporate governance that returns to territory covered in 1990 by the original, widely acclaimed ‘Creative Tension?’ volume. This morning, to mark the collection’s publication, five of the business leaders and opinion formers who have contributed to it were welcomed by Donald Brydon, LSEG Chairman, and many LSEG ExCo and Leadership Team members as they opened our London markets.

The title ‘Creative Tension?’ refers to the relationship between the management of public companies and institutional investors. Our Chairman was closely involved with the first collection as Chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds’ Investment Committee; now he has been the driving force behind the second volume, putting together a new list of distinguished contributors to provide fresh insights into a topic that in 2016 is every bit as key to business and economic wellbeing as it was 25 years ago.

Welcoming the authors and thanking them for their work, our Chairman reiterated his conviction that, despite a quarter-century of new codes and regulations, the tension examined in the book is still critical – and still requires clarity and vigilance to keep it constructive. He also pointed to the central role LSEG continues to play in this space, with initiatives such as ELITE serving to enhance our Group’s core relevance.