London Stock Exchange welcomes Chance to Shine

London Stock Exchange welcomes Chance to Shine

Devon Malcolm, former England cricketer and Chance to Shine Ambassador, opened London Stock Exchange on Friday 2 December. Devon was accompanied by children from the Chance to Shine Street projects in Haringey and Hackney at the market open ceremony.

Devon took part in ceremony by placing a specially engraved glass tablet onto the podium which formally opens trading in the UK.

London Stock Exchange Group Foundation is a generous supporter of Chance to Shine Street projects in inner-city London. Employees of London Stock Exchange have also given advice and support to Chance to Shine in a professional capacity.

Chance to Shine Street cricket is a fun, fast-paced version of the game that uses a tapeball, a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. Each innings lasts for 20 balls and games last for just 20 minutes. It needs very little cricket equipment and is ideal for inner-city venues.

Joining Devon were representatives of London Stock Exchange Group including Donald Brydon, chairman of the LSEG, who has been the chairman of the Chance to Shine board of trustees since 2014.

Luke Swanson, chief executive of Chance to Shine who also attended, said:

“We are extremely grateful to London Stock Exchange Foundation for their enthusiastic support. They have seen how inclusive, accessible and competitive sport can bring communities together, helping young people learn key life skills. Their commitment is helping us to deliver an ambitious expansion of Street cricket, benefitting thousands of young people like those who have been able to join the market opening ceremony today.”

In research carried out by the charity, 90% of Chance to Shine Street participants said they were not members of a cricket club when they started and 27% had never played the game before. Since joining the cricket sessions, 92% said that they intended continue playing, whilst 86% said that attending had improved their social skills.

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