London Stock Exchange welcomes 2016 - the year of green finance

London Stock Exchange welcomes 2016 - the year of green finance

Today the London Stock Exchange welcomed UK-based industry leaders in finance to celebrate a day of action in London and to promote 2016 as the year of green finance.

The City of London is the world’s leading international financial centre, bringing together a unique mixture of global talent with sophisticated market infrastructure and a balanced regulatory environment that allows innovation and business to flourish. As part of this position it is incumbent upon the City to take note of new market developments and to play a substantial role in supporting their further growth.

Today’s market opening is dedicated to one of the potentially most transformative developments in global capital markets; the facilitation of finance to a transition toward a low-carbon economy. It is a chance to highlight the invaluable role the UK’s financial sector is playing in delivering green products and services, from listed bonds to renewable investment in multiple sectors and specialised insurance.

This is the first time that executives from leading financial firms have gathered together with one voice to proclaim their support for developing the UK’s reputation as a leader in green financing. Mark Boleat Policy Chairman of the City of London said:

“Together with the London Stock Exchange, UNEP and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, we hope to impress upon you London’s commitment to build on existing market activity to ensure that green finance sits right at the very top of the financial industry’s agenda.”

The market opening will be followed by a conference held at Mansion House, which will see discussions from industry on how the UK can seize the opportunity to develop the green finance market and realise its potential globally.