London Stock Exchange today welcomes Made in Italy 2020

London Stock Exchange today welcomed Made in Italy 2020 participants, the first time scale-ups conference with a specific focus on Italian companies selected from the top 5 national accelerators.

To celebrate the occasion the founders of Bid to Trip, Early Ninja, wineOwine, Tutored, FoodScovery, Buzzoole, Martha’s Cottage, Musicraiser Sellf and Antlos, joined Marcus Stuttard, Head of UK Primary Markets and Head of AIM at London Stock Exchange, to open the trading day in London this morning.
The event, organized by iStarter, the angel-led accelerator specialised in scale-ups that has partnered with the main Italian accelerators had the goal to bring some of the most innovative scale-ups in front of the best VCs in London.

“The Italian tech sector is one of the areas of greatest opportunity given the strong history of Made in Italy combined with the global exposure that the digital economy can guarantee,” says Simone Cimminelli, MD of iStarter the angel-led accelerator specialised in scale-ups.

The event has been designed to provide the ten companies access to venture capital and innovative leadership within their sectors from around the globe. In total the 10 start-ups has already raised 5mln+ Euro in funding. Their aggregate turn over for 2016 is expected to be higher than 10mln Euros.