London Stock Exchange today welcomed Shanks Group plc to mark the first retail Green Bond listing

London Stock Exchange today welcomed international waste-to-product business, Shanks Group plc to open the market following its Green Bond listing. 

The market opening ceremony today celebrates that Shanks’ Green Bond is the first retail offering to be listed on the Green Market. Shanks launched its Green Bonds at the end of May in Belgium and Luxembourg. In order to be classed as Green Bonds, they had to meet stringent criteria which demonstrated that the funds will be used for environmentally beneficial purposes.

Peter Dilnot, Group Chief Executive of Shanks Group plc, said:

"As a leading waste-to-product company, we are delighted to open trading today to mark the listing of our Green Bond on the London Stock Exchange. The Green Bond market is incredibly important in promoting responsible investment in sustainable projects which will benefit the environment. Green Bonds not only align with our vision to be the most respected waste-to-product company, but also support our commitment to sustainability and responsible green investment."

Shanks has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1988 and has since grown to also operate in the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada