London Stock Exchange children's charity Aflatoun

London Stock Exchange this morning welcomed campaigners for children’s financial literacy education and the young people who will benefit from it. Young people from a new UK financial literacy programme being launched by NGO Aflatoun joined the London Stock Exchange to mark the beginning of a drive to incorporate financial literacy into the primary school curriculum. Aflatoun and UK partner Empowering Kids & Youth (EKY) are working with University College London (UCL) to help British children to learn about enterprise and financial responsibility.

Aflatoun is a global NGO that works to bring financial, enterprise and social education to children aged 3 to 18 years old. It collaborates with government ministries, teacher training institutes, financial intermediaries and more to integrate the financial education programme into national education systems. It supports the programmes by providing technical assistance, network support and advocacy and training materials. Partners then deliver the programme in a tailored way that will most benefit their children. In the UK, primary and secondary schools, colleges and community centres can implement the programme by putting their staff through training and requesting resources from EKY. EKY is working, in particular, on closing the attainment gap and improving life chances of children in impoverished areas.

Daina Toleikyte, Deputy Executive Director of Aflatoun, has said: "If we do not empower young people now, their tomorrow will be the same as our today - unequal and unsustainable. We believe that children and young people are able to change the world."