Italian financial brokerage, Directa celebrates 20 years

Italian financial brokerage, Directa celebrates 20 years

Directa is an Italian financial brokerage company incorporated in January 1995. Its aim was and remains to allow private investors to buy and sell financial instruments on the markets directly from their computers, with immediate executions and the low commissions made possible by the complete automatization of the processes.

Directa began providing retail customers with trading services on the Italian Stock Exchange in March 1996 using a non-Internet modem-based proprietary system. It has thus been the pioneer of online trading in Italy and one of the first online brokers in the world. It has specialized in suiting the needs of very active investors, as day and heavy traders. Its trading platforms are entirely proprietary and are constantly enriched and improved.

Today Directa celebrates its first 20 years of existence opening trading on the London Stock Exchange markets.

Mario Fabbri, CEO of Directa, has commented:

"Directa is born with the vision of providing any so inclined retail trader with online access to the financial markets: a possibility which in 1995 was not yet existing, neither in Italy nor elsewhere. Therefore twenty years later it is for us a real satisfaction to find ourselves as a leader in this sector. From the very beginning our guiding idea is that Directa’s success identifies itself with providing customers with innovative and high quality trading services. It has been an honour for us to be invited by the London Stock Exchange Group to open the market today".