The Global Impact Institute opens the London markets

The Global Impact Institute opens the London markets

Wednesday 25th July 2012

The London Stock Exchange celebrated the launch of the Global Impact Institute this morning, July 25th 2012, by welcoming key representatives from the financial services industry to the opening of the London markets. The market was opened by Howard W. Buffett, Chairman of the Global Impact Institute.

The Global Impact Institute seeks to bring about a more informed, inclusive, accountable, and effective approach for accomplishing greater global impact. It advocates for a portfolio approach to philanthropic engagement, through the convening of committed people, coordination of place-based ownership, and the catalyzing of comprehensive solutions.

“Global challenges cannot be solved by humanitarian aid alone. The Institute believes that cross-sector partnerships with market-oriented solutions are the most effective way to create and sustain positive social impact in communities around the world. We are honored to have the opportunity to convene global financial leaders at the London Stock Exchange and explore the evolving role of finance in social innovation.” 

The Global Impact Institute is launching with a series of events this week in London prior to the Olympic Games.  Following the market opening this morning, together with Snowden Capital Advisors LLC, the Institute hosted a roundtable of key business leaders to discuss the role of capital markets in addressing global challenges.  On July 26, the Institute is hosting 100 top leaders from the public sector, private sector, and civil society at the House of Commons for its inaugural meeting.