Chile Day Market Open

To mark the opening of the XIII version of the Chile Day, Nikhil Rathi, London Stock Exchange’s CEO, welcomed Felipe Larraín, Chile’s Minister of Finance, to open trading today. The Minister was joined by John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, as well as by Chilean authorities for banks, stock, insurance and pension’s supervision, and a delegation of Chilean entrepreneurs, investors and investment’s banks leaders. 

During the ceremony, the Minister Larraín stressed the importance of maintaining an open and frequent dialogue with the international financial community, particularly at a time in which swings in sentiment in financial markets have had an important impact on emerging markets.

“Our administration remains committed to further strengthening our economic and financial institutions, building on our fiscal responsibility, and deepening our trade agreements with the rest of the world. Chile is and will remain an open economy and will continue promoting the exchange of goods and services among the international economic community”.