Creating a financial universe

Creating a financial universe

In March 2015 London Stock Exchange launched a new Market Open display. The entirely unique and dynamic graphics sequence includes an intricate and engaging display of live market data and news.

Oscar-winning visual effect agency, Framestore designed the bespoke software used both at Market Open and on screens throughout the day at London Stock Exchange Group headquarters in Paternoster Square.

Our history reimagined

The new sequence of graphics is run off bespoke software that dynamically reads a live data feed. The concept for the design was formed around the financial "Big Bang" when the deregulation of financial markets led to a digital revolution in the way trading was executed. The graphics are themed around a stellar, galaxy concept, that display a ‘living galaxy’ of stocks  with the daily "Birth of the Stock Market" being the hub for the Market Open sequences.

Creating a galaxy

The new systems subscribes to a huge amount of data from a live LSEG data feed including the constituents of the FTSE100, bonds, gilts, global exchanges and news feeds from CNBC. This enables data to cycle during the day through a vast amount of stocks, markets and global indices. Using the central vehicle of the galaxy with orbiting stocks you can see, at a glance, the markets performance.

Working with oscar winners

Framestore is a British visual effects company based in London. Founded in 1986, it is now one of the most sought after visual effects companies in the world.

Framestore delivers award winning images for feature films, television drama, advertising, console and online games, internet and mobile phone applications as Europe's largest post-production house. The company’s trophy cabinet includes and Oscar for the 2013 film, Gravity, several BAFTA's and numerous awards for advertising and digital campaigns.