Opening the Market

Opening the Market

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Listing a business on one of London Stock Exchange’s markets is one of the most exciting days in a company’s development and growth. To mark the occasion, London Stock Exchange invites new admissions to ‘Open the Market’ and take part in the prestigious Market Open Ceremony. In addition if companies are issuing a new bond, ETF or becoming a new member firm the Market Open Ceremony can be an opportunity to raise a company’s profile and celebrate its success.

Timetable of events

07:40 Guests are welcomed to London Stock Exchange by their London Stock Exchange Group host and escorted to the ceremony VIP suite. 

07:58 All guests are invited to the Balcony in preparation for the market open.

07:59 Guests assemble at the front of the balcony, minute countdown is initiated.

08:00 Market officially opens – bespoke engraved glass tablet placed onto podium, opening the market

08:02 Ceremony ends

08:05 Photo opportunity on balcony

08:10 Guest return to the VIP suite for speeches, signing of the welcome book and presentation

09:30 Guests depart

Media coverage

The Market Open Ceremony offers its participants a high profile platform to launch a media campaign or raise the profile of a company listing or corporate event. Members of the press can be invited to attend the ceremony and conduct interviews with guests. A live TV feed can be arranged and our high specification studio facilities can be made available for media interviews.